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Floor Restoration & Reclamation

We specialise in all types of wood floor sanding and restoration including parquet. Floors are our passion and nothing makes us happier than to give an old floor a new lease of life. So we really believe in restoration as the primary consideration for any floor. You’ll be amazed just how well your old boards or parquet blocks will scrub up and it could just save you a packet! So before you go throwing the baby out with the bath water, let us examine your boards or blocks. The chances are they just need a little TLC from us in order for them to look brand new again.

You don’t need to worry if some of your boards or parquet blocks are beyond repair. We have a steady supply of reclaimed materials just waiting to be restored to their former glory and contribute to maintaining the charm and character of your home.


Reasons to restore:



Standard Floor Sanding and Restoration

As a rough guide, most floors require sanding down to bare wood and three coats of water based varnish applied. (matt varnish is most natural and most popular). An average sized room (with no special requirements) can be completed in a day. If gap filling and or stain is required please add another half - full day. If a stain is required, then this is done before the varnish and must be left for two hours before the first coat of varnish is applied. Each coat of varnish must be left for one hour before the next coat is applied. Two hours after the third coat is applied you can walk on the floor in stocking feet.

Curing is complete after 24- 48 hours. This depends on the weather conditions and air circulation in the house. Furniture can be ‘placed’ in position after approx 24 hours. It is best not to walk on the floor in shoes for 48 hours.


  • Guide price for standard  floor sanding - £25 - £30 per square metre.



We use Bona sanding technology for all our floor sanding and restoration work. Bona products are designed for sustainable living. They focus on safe, high quality products that contribute to a healthy indoor environment. They are a leading company in sanding technology and have revolutionised sanding with their dust containment systems and anti- static abrasives. Dust-free sanding gives a healthier working environment for the craftsmen and of course the house holder.



Bona water-based varnish

Bona is the world leader in water based coatings for wooden floors. They guarantee a first-class result; beautiful, durable and easy-to-manage wooden floors, irrespective of what type. These coatings are the result of their commitment to new technology that minimizes the strain on the environment and increases the share of renewable raw materials. Through experience we know that Bona products provide the best solution. Floor sanding at its best.
For more info about Bona products visit: www.bona.com


Gap Filling

Most floors do not require gap filling. But if after your floor sanding the gaps between your floor boards are too wide and you wish to have them filled, either for draught exclusion or aesthetics, then we have three methods:

Resin and Dust Gap filling

Suitable for up to 3mm gaps, this is the most economic way but due to the nature of the resin cannot be guaranteed as it can move and fall out.

  • Guide Price for gap filling with Resin and dust: £5 per square metre

Flexible Rubber Draft Excluder

Gaps are thoroughly cleaned out before installing the draft excluder. The benefit of this method is twofold; you don't need to sand the floor beforehand and it still retains the authentic Victorian aesthetic of the floor.


  • Guide price for gap filling with flexible rubber draft excluder: £9 per square metre


Reclaimed Wood Fillets

This is the more expensive but guaranteed option. Fillets of reclaimed wood are cut to size, glued into position on the joists and then sanded and varnished with the whole floor. (If a stain is required then new wood fillets can be used)

  • Guide Price for gap filling with Wood Fillets : £15 per square metre


Additional considerations


All furniture needs to be removed from the rooms before sanding and restoration can begin. You can do this yourselves or we can do it for a small charge.

Rubbish Removal

FSAR operators will leave your home as you’d wish to find it and most rubbish can be placed in your own domestic bins. If there is additional rubbish to be removed they can organise a local rubbish collector to do this for you at a small cost.



A visit to talk about requirements, measure up and take photos is usually arranged over the phone and a no obligation quote will be forwarded within 48 hours. If you have any other questions please contact us, we're always happy to offer advice on all your flooring and sanding queries over the phone or by email.


You can also send us a message through our contact us page




  • Good for your pocket and good for the planet

  • More sympathetic to the original style of your home

  • A cheaper alternative to a new floor

  • You'll be amazed how well your old boards will scrub up

  • Large selection of colour stains and varnishes

  • Speedy and dust free sanding process

  • Reclaimed wood sources readily available

  • Flexible working hours incuding weekends 



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