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Wood Stains 

After professional floor sanding, a specially stained floor can look incredible. There are over 18 standard colours to choose from, if you’re deciding upon a colour for your floor, take a look at the following colours.

Mylands Wood Stain floor sanding billericay / floor sanding basildon, floor sanding colchester

At Floor Sanding and Restoration, we have been pioneers in our industry for over 20 years. Our sophisticated level of experience and expertise means we have tried stains from many sources, and know what is the best in the business. 


We use Mylands of London, a brand that has been manufacturing paints and polishes since 1884. They are the oldest paint manufacturer in the UK and remain managed by the founding family. The quality of their products are second to none, being used across a wealth of industries, such as Interior Design, and Scenic Artists working within film, television and, theatre. 


Using original manufacturing techniques to produce their ranges, with the highest quality resins and pigment, we believe that Mylands Stains are the trade's best-kept secret. All of their water-based wood stains are environmentally friendly, something important to our ‘green ethic’ at Floor Sanding and Restoration. 


Quite simply they're the best and that's why we use them. For more information, click here. 

Here you can see examples of the most popular choices from the Mylands Wood Stain Colour Chart. 


*Please consider that these colours are a guide that may vary considerably from what is viewed on a screen. The final colour of the stain will also depend on the wood itself. 


It is best to have an idea of the colour finish you wish to achieve, light, medium, or dark, then our operator will be able to advise you. Additionally, we are able to test areas with various wood stain colours, so you can see exactly how the colour will look before making a commitment. 


For the best results after sanding, choose Mylands.

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